Saturday, October 25, 2008

steps for changes

Implementing changes is difficult in our team - unfortunately, there is just no culture to encourage that. There is no structured way to discuss how to improve things. So I'm trying ot change this somewhat stale atmosphere myself.

The steps I'm taking are:

1. Setup a process that works the best for myself.
2. Find a person or two in the team who understand and can follow the process.
3. Let the process run until it becomes a habit for that small number of people.
4. When the members see the benefit of having the process, announce it to everyone in the team.

Very primitive and it also takes time. But can't find an effective way when there is no leadership expected from higher management.

Changes are not always welcomed in our team. For me it's a sign of declining organization. Changes from the top down are not to be denied, but the changes from the bottom up should be much more encouraged and there must be a team culture and an effective tool to make it possible. Without this the business cannot be fully localized. I have plans but I'm not perfectly confident at this point.