Monday, October 13, 2008

j-sox, hotpot

Visited a couple clients in Taiwan. Everyone seems to be pessimistic about economy these days. Those clients also went on with their plight. Maybe my work will slow down as well which is not totally a bad thing as I'm not too enthusiastic about increasing revenue at this point - I'm rather happy to have some time for personal use.

One client mentioned about difficulties with J-SOX. My job is not irrelevant to this matter and I once gave a bit of support to a US SOX project and also recently did some documentation for J-SOX complience for a customer. I don't know how people evaluate this kind of law or work in Japan but I haven't really seen this creating any positive effect on the company which tried to comply with it. Those documents require detailed descriptions but probably be read by auditors and only a handful of people who were involved in the project. Such a waste of time and energy. I think we should go easier on documentation and put more focus on letting important principles sink in to the people.

For lunch I had a vegetarian hotpot at a casual restaurant. I like the one-person hotpot you can get in Taiwan. I like the taste and it seems you can always have vegetarian choices. I wish we had the same thing in Hong Kong but my Hongkonger colleague said we don't get the same thing here in Hong Kong and that even if we could find that it would be pricey. I wonder why - I think it can be popular here as well.


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