Tuesday, October 14, 2008

one minute a day is never enough

I listen to the SCMP Today every morning when I walk to the office and at the end of the program is the Mandarin Minute. It's hosted by Michael of SCMP and Lanlan of Mandarinmaster(?) but everytime I listen to this part of the program I want to laugh because Michael's pronunciation is so bad and he screws up with the tones when he repeats after Lanlan. He's been in the program for a while now but I cannot see any improvement in his pronunciation, which makes me wonder why he's been hosting the show at all - if he is interested in the language and make some effort to master it, he should be making some improvement. If he is not interested in the language to the extent he does not make any progress at all in it, he should not be hosting the show in the first place because it diminishes the meaning of the show itself. But I guess it's nothing I should complain about as it's not that I'm not paying for it.


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