Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hong kong jin

As it boasts proudly, Hong Kong is one of the most internationalized cities in Asia. This is a place where it gets move than 20 mil visitors a year. I like that I get to communicate in four different languages almost everyday. I find, however, that it is sometimes difficult to get to know the local people well - some people are quite indifferent to making new friends or knowing something foreign (like myself). I think it partly comes from the fact that Hong Kong is such a small place it's easy to stay in touch with people as long as you (and they) keep living in the city. This is a great thing per se but as a natural course some people become comfortable with existing ties so stop making effort to develop new relationships. In this sense, I find people from the mainland tend to be more friendly. My hongkonger friends are quite friendly, though. I like people who like people, so it's a bit sad when I feel the kind of apathy in people (especially those in the office).