Sunday, November 09, 2008

language programs from shanghai

Not only ChinesePod, but also SpanishPod, ItalianPod and FrenchPod are hosted in the studio in Shanghai. Though I've never listened to those other than CPod, it's interesting this kind of thig is now possible. It tells us that:
  • Basic approach of education for a language can be applied for another. (What system works for ChinesePod can also work for other language pods.)
  • Shanghai does attract talents. (Who can imagine your Spanish teacher is neither in your area or in Spain but in Shanghai, China!)
  • Related to above two points, having the core system in one place can have more cost benefits than running things in different locations.
Their business is the kind which can make a chapter in The World Is Flat, I think.

By the way, I really think someone should start up a Japanese language program to reach out to people in China. That will bring about numbers of tangible/intangible benefits to Japan.