Tuesday, October 28, 2008

south china situation

“おとり労働者”が暴く不当就労の実態 (NB online)
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We have quite a few clients in Huanan (华南) area and today a client with a base in the area told me the situation almost similar to this article.

  • There are many factories closing down - in many cases because of the capital flight caused by the global ecoomic crisis.
  • Therefore it's been relatively easy to find workers to hire in the area.
  • Still, the turnover rate of the client's factory is about 100%. (about the average in the region)
  • Three workers have sued the company and in each of those cases the company has paid to buy the settlement.
I am sure that the working condition in China has been changing for the better (at least in terms of workers' protection by law). The region has been known for labor intensive way of manufacturing but the situation seems to be changing quickly. We will also have to change.


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