Sunday, October 26, 2008

an idea to promote japanese language

Amongst the tools that I've tried online, they are by far the most effective for learning Mandarin.
  • There are three types of audio files available (Full Lesson, Lesson Dialogue and Audio Review)
  • Lessons are categorized into several different levels
  • Lesson contents are quite fun
  • Interactive
  • Updates are quite frequent
There are more to add to the list. And it makes me wonder if there is anything as good as this for learning Japanese. Only a portion of ChienesePod contents are free (ie. newbie and elememtary level audio), but the value it provides definitely beats the costs.

I believe two nations can build a good relationship when we share the basic communication protocol - the language. Sometimes we are so prone to be agitated by media - much more than necessary. Behind this must lie a shortage of people who can effectively communicate in the other party's language.

Japan should allocate some budget and create it's own version of ChinesePod, and make fun Japanese lessons available for the broad mass of Chinese people for free. Political topics should be avoided in lesson contents but the move to setup the channel has to be strategic.