Saturday, November 29, 2008


Went to the Exhibition Center last Sunday with a friend to listen to his testimony at a huge Christian conference. (My friend is a Christian.)
We were a bit late and happened to take seats in the very front row which flanked the stage. So when he came in and took a seat to wait to be called onto the stage he was almost in arms length to us. Although he is not like a celebrity I don't deny that I felt a bit lucky to see the main guest who gathered as many as 30K(?) people at the venue so close. Though I'm not a Christian, I think I was lucky to have the opportunity to listen to his speech. He was actually a very good speaker - it was well constructed, funny at times, his voice strong, and I could tell he was quite intelligent. It did tell me that positive attitude was important. After his speech someone approached me and asked if I wanted to know more about God. To this I politely answered that I wasn't ready. Much of his strength must be coming from the strong belief in the religion and I have nothing against it, but the whole process of converting is just a bit foreign to me.


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